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Introducing Jean

“My adult lifetime experiences with my Guardian Holy Spirit Jean.”

I have spoken to Jean regularly since then to thank her for her watchful loving friendship, guidance, and help, but I had no further questions for some time. Nevertheless, her actions let me know very clearly that she was always nearby.

Her messages, agreements, and omens were so undeniable, life for me is often a matter of “following The Yellow Brick Road” not always easy or without hazards, failures, sorrows, obstacles, and disappointments, but always great adventure.

Jean 1940’s

Humble Beginnings


Manny & Dorothy 1979

Dearest Dorothy,
I searched for truth in many schools,
    Played the game, but broke some rules.
I roamed the Earth and saw it’s sights.
    Learned other’s ways and fought their fights.
I sailed the seas and soared the skies,
    Chasing dreams and butterflies.
I smelled the roses, knew some fame,
    Felt God’s hand, and tasted shame.
In the quest for glory there were only frights.
    In longing for love just lonely nights.
Finding life scarce, I courted death.
    Yet longed for life with every breath.
That book’s now closed – history.
    It was someone else – not now me.
For the darkness passed from view
    When I found Love with you.
And each bright day it was clear to see,
    The best for us was yet to be.
dorothy 2023

Manny & Dorothy 2023

Maternal Kin

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Family Lineage

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