Passing Through

About the Author

Capt. Manny Sousa


Born in 1932, Manny was raised in an Army family during the Great Depression, World War Two, the Korean War, and the Cold War through 1955 when he was commissioned a Navy Ensign and designated a naval aviator, flying the first carrier based nuclear bombers in western Pacific deployments during the remainder of the Cold War.

Manny then flew fighter aircraft on carrier deployments during the Vietnam War in 1964, ’66, ’68, ’70, & ’71, logging over 300 combat missions and awarded a Bronze Star.

In 1969, Manny was visited by the spiritual presence of his aunt, Jean. Though she had influenced his life before and since passing away in 1949, in this instance twenty years later, Jean revealed herself to him in a nine hour conversation over a three day period. She has remained with him ever since. Her constant presence and loving guidance in his life on his “Yellow Brick Road” style adventures with Jean led him to wonder why God would bless him so, a sinner who broke all commandments. He concluded that it is now his ministry to share his countless miraculous experiences with Jean to encourage others to acknowledge the Holy Spirit present within them, as each Christian dooes from the moment of salvation.

In Part Two, in progress, Manny will chronicle his service in the Navy office of POW/MIA Affairs 1972 – ’74 including the Operation Homecoming POW repatriation. In 1975 Manny returned to Vietnam, on scene for the Evacuation of Saigon, followed by a 1975 – ’79 tour at the Naval Academy as the management department chairman, Assistant Academic Dean, and volunteer sailing coach during the introduction of women in the class of 1980. Following was a 1980 – ’83 tour as Professor of Naval Science at Northwestern University and a 1983 – ’86 DC tour as Director of Naval History. Manny retired with 31 years service in 1986 and set sail three days later aboard his yacht Wings for a double-handed trans-Atlantic crossing to the Med. Returning in 1988. he “swallowed the anchor” and flew gliders into his eighties.

Throughout, Manny had a colorfully complex romance and marital history on his Yellow Brick Road of dangers, obstacles, and challenges. Sadly, war time stress contributed to the failure of a twenty year relationship and fourteen year marriage with four young children and continental separation ……… followed by further romantic and miraculous adventures, thankfully with Jean still very much constantly at his side.

Now at age 87, after admiring Dorothy since 1955, Manny is happily married to her since his 83rd birthday and living in The Villages Florida.

Education and Work Experience

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UNM BA Psychology, RPI MS Engineering Management, and National Defense U, postgraduate management


Navy 1955-86, naval aviator, CO carrier squadron, Vietnam War.

Chairman, Management Science Dept and Asst Academic Dean, Naval Academy

CO Navy ROTC, Professor of Naval Science, Northwestern U.

CO, Navy Historical Center, Director of Naval History, and Curator of the Navy.

Member, Quincy-Gadsden Airport Authority (FL)