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Film Hatch Media Serves a Memoir Filled with Wondrous Adventures

Film Hatch Media braces a collaboration with Manny Sousa that takes readers into a historical taste of experiences and escapades.

California – WEBWIRE – Thursday, March 31, 2022

Film Hatch Media is an established video house company with an excellent track record for gaining their clients’ highest satisfaction. With a group of excellent staff, they guide each author with their best ideas. This time, Film Hatch Media praises Manny Sousa’s astounding work, “Passing Through: Exploring the Envelope.”

Retired Navy Captain Manny Sousa was raised an only child in a disciplined Army family during the turmoil of the Great Depression, World War Two, Korea, and the Cold War, 1932-1955.

In his memoir, Manny shares the “Yellow Brick Road” style adventures of his life in the constant company of The Holy Spirit in the person of his guardian, Jean, who reveals Herself to Manny in three-hour conversations for three days; thereafter, regularly communicating with him through providential messages, omens, obstacles, opportunities, and coincidences while never interfering with his free will.

“The Holy Spirit is given as a gift to live in every Christian from the moment of salvation.” (John 3:5, Acts 2:38)

Commissioned a Navy Ensign in 1955 and designated Naval Aviator a year later, Manny’s initial Western Pacific carrier deployment was aboard the World War Two aircraft carrier USS Hornet in 1957 flying AJ-2 Savages, the first carrier-based aircraft proficient in transporting nuclear weapons.

In the following years, Manny flew a variety of Navy fighter and attack aircraft and two more Pacific carrier deployments in the remaining years of the Cold War, followed by five additional western Pacific six-month carrier deployments during the Vietnam War – 1964, ’66, ’68, ’70, and ’71, flying F-4 Phantom and A-7 Corsair aircraft for a total of 317 combat missions, 22 Air Medals, a Bronze Star Medal, and squadron command.

Sadly, a casualty of war was marital stress resulting from consecutive long separations and constant dangers culminating in the breakup of his twenty-year relationship and continental separation from his four children.

In contemplating God’s grace and blessings in his life, Manny often pondered “Why me, an unworthy sinner?” Ultimately, Manny concluded that his ministry was to publicly share his memoir as encouragement for others to acknowledge the Holy Spirit within themselves and share their stories too. In the interest of confession and credibility, Manny also felt bound to reveal the less than admirable whole truth aspects of his life.

God gives each Christian gifts by His Spirit to be used for ministry in building up the body of Christ. (Eph. 4:11-13)

As a “Passing Through” reader once wrote: “I really enjoy your writing style, Cap’n, and your story has all the makings of a great movie! It has all the action, romance, and live drama of that legendary movie ‘Bridges of Toko Ri!’ Thanks for sharing.” And, it’s true. This is one read you should never miss.